The Cherry Orchard, a musical (Coming soon to Audible) 

Written and Directed by ROBERT ROBERSON

Talk, Talk, Talk  |  Playzoomers

Directed by MORRY SCHORR

Whistler's Mother


I'm Herbert  |  Playzoomers

Directed by MORRY SCHORR


Bill and Mary  |  A Garden of Voices

Directed by MATT ENGLE


"Cathy Cavender, a multi-talented singer/actress, is exactly the kind of artist I love working, focused and fully committed."

Andrea Green

One of NYC's most in-demand voice teachers


"Cathy has classic features, intelligence and a determined strength that make her perfect for so many contemporary and historical roles. It's a true pleasure working with her."

Mary Workman

The Acting Studio - New York

"Cathy began training at my studio five years ago with a burning desire to work in musical theater. Her desire was buoyed by her determination and consistent focus on learning her craft. In the past few years, Cathy has performed in numerous Tri-State area musicals and cabarets. Performing has brought home to Cathy the imperative of being a super-specific storyteller, whatever the medium, and she’s ever sharpening and polishing her skills for those featured roles just over the horizon. Cathy earns the respect and appreciation befitting her skill set and commitment to excellence. She's is a terrific team player who is consistently welcomed with open arms."

Kimberly Vaughn

Founder & Artistic Director

Kimberly Vaughn Performance Studio

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